Your Stay at the Lodge


Vacationing at the lodge allows you to experience the real Puerto Rico, away from the cities and the crowds, but still close enough to enjoy them if you prefer. The lodge is located between the central mountains and the beautiful beaches of the southwest coast. Every day you can choose activities at the beach or in the mountains, meeting friendly people everywhere you go, and sampling the local food and drink. Many of the small mountain towns in this area still have no fast food restaurants or chain stores.

Your stay at the lodge is in your own private cabin. Some are simple sleeping cabins and some have a bathroom and small kitchen. The lodge itself has bathrooms, private showers and a common kitchen. Sharing the open pavillion, indoor sitting area, or kitchen is a great way to meet your fellow travelers and compare notes on the beaches and sights of "Porta del Sol".

You get the added benefit of knowing that you are helping to provide cancer survivors with free "Restorative Escape" stays just by staying with us yourself.


As a survivor, you may be looking for a simple change of scenery, or a whole new take on life. Our lodge and the surrounding southwest corner of the island provide endless options to explore, enjoy, and share with your family. Maybe you prefer just to find a quiet spot to meditate and sort it all will find that here also. Tropical plants, birds to watch, slow walks in the forest, or sun and sand are all here for you to enjoy. Every day opens anew before you and will help you find your way in your new life.

Your stay will be in your own cabin including private bathroom and mini kitchen. You can share the common areas of the main lodge with vacationing guests or other survivors if you choose. Services such as massage therapy, yoga, exercise, arts and crafts, and special skills workshops can be arranged privately, or in a group setting.

What are guest have to say about their stay.

What can I say except I didn't want to leave! - Emily D., December 2012

The property will allow you to disconnect from the chaotic world and recharge. It is a zen like retreat, quiet, secluded, safe, very clean. - Olivia G., March 2015

I needed a time of renewal and have receiced it! I have been able to recharge and refocus because of my time here. - Melody W., November 2016

You two are a blessing to this often cruel world! Thanks for thinking outside of the box with your creative genius! Thankful for your passion for helping make the world a better place! Peace be with you! - Dominique - November 2016

The lodge will provide space for services to patients. Services such as yoga instruction, meditation training, massage, etc., will be provided by professionals in those fields. Patients must be physically able to travel on their own and have the approval of their doctor before they will be accepted for free lodging. Medical services will not be provided by the lodge. There is a hospital in San German, about 15 minutes away.

"Please help provide renewed hope to cancer survivors by making a donation"

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