Our Financial Supporters

Names are listed, or not, as our supporters have requested. Amounts of each donation are not listed, as each supporter has given what is appropriate for them. Every donation is important and valued.

Jane K. -Wisconsin,... Pauline B. -Germany,... James S. -Wisconsin,... Sara L. -Ohio,... Tom L. -Ohio,... Cliff S. -Wisconsin,... Sharon M. -Washington,... Lyrea C. -Wisconsin,... Morag G. -Austraila,... Jesse F. -Florida,... Gabriela M. -Puerto Rico,... Eric S. -Puerto Rico,... Kurt W. -Wisconsin,... Ed L. -Wisconsin,... Robert F. -Illinois,... Joann W. -Puerto Rico,...Andy M. -California,... Rachel S. -Wisconsin,...Sarah H -Wisconsin

Comments About This Project

"This is an amazing idea and one that I think could help many! Wonderful!" - Lori F.

"What a great place you are creating." - Kristin S.

"Dear friends! This is pretty amazing! I am so impressed reading your Hope Renewed newsletter and upcoming plans! Praying for you as you proceed and for those who will receive many blessings and much hope!" - Joann W.

"I am "blown away" by how incredible all you are doing continues to grow." - Lizzie F.

"A totally worthwhile project by two friends of mine. They know what they're doing, and have the hearts to do it. They also have a deep love of Puerto Rico which Kathy shared with me a few years ago during a vacation to their cabin built totally by the two of them. I will never forget that magical adventure, but even more... what a perfect place to heal body and spirit! I am so proud of you two as you launch this wonderful, heartfelt project. I will read more about it and share." - Michelle H.

"A truly great project..." - Jane M.

Thank you for your support!

~~Dennis, Kathy, and all of the survivors you are helping.

"Please help provide renewed hope to cancer survivors by making a donation"

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