Project Summary

Dennis and Kathy Fry are using their unique combination of life and work experiences to launch Renewed Hope/Esperanza Renovada, a nonprofit organization operating a lodge/retreat in the mountains of southwest Puerto Rico. The primary goal of the organization is to help survivors recovering from or living with cancer to find renewed hope to move forward in their lives. The project is designed from the start to be a self sustaining nonprofit. This hybrid approach allows the business side to generate funds to support the nonprofit portion of the project.

The complex will be located on a 21 acre parcel of land near the historic city of San German, only 4 miles from the main highway and within a half hour drive of some of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico. It consists of a main lodge building which with common areas, restrooms, showers, and kitchen facilities, a covered patio outside; and six to eight separate cabins of 200-350 square feet. The main lodge and at least two of the cabins are handicap accessible. The cabins are rented as vacation lodging, and proceeds from these rentals used to offer free stays to cancer patients and survivors in the midst of treatment and recovery.

Many people fighting cancer, as well as their family members and caregivers, experience mental distress both during and after diagnosis and treatment. It's a time of great uncertainty. Everything in life has suddenly changed. Patients need space and time outside of a clinical setting to rediscover themselves and reconnect with loved ones. This “restorative escape” is a strengthening mechanism for patients throughout treatment and beyond, to help them avoid anxiety at scan or decision time by having this positive memory to lean on.

Our primary goal is to provide space and assistance to cancer survivors who are rebuilding their lives; secondary is to provide vacation rental spaces in beautiful southwest Puerto Rico. The business is set up to allow paying guests to help provide for the needs of cancer survivors.

This is truly a win, win, win situation for everyone:

For our supporters - We are a nonprofit organization that does not have to constantly raise funds. Our supporters will only be asked to give for special events or growth once the initial construction is completed, not for the day to day operations of the lodge.

For survivors - Patients will have an experience that will help them to build new lives and reconnect with their families and caregivers.

For travelers - Vacationers will see that the money they are spending on a unique vacation experience is helping to provide space and time for cancer patients who need a restorative escape.

41% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes and everyone in their families will be affected.

"Please help provide renewed hope to cancer survivors by making a donation"

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